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This is from a very reliable, retired government person, who personally informed us of an impending Bill. This Bill will affect all Americans around January 17th, 2013. It is the 2012-2013 Department of the Interior Appropriations Bill. They do not want any of the public to know about this because it will take all public lands out of the 1800’s Mining Law, which is ILLEGAL, and rumor is sell the land to the Chinese and other countries. Just so everyone knows, it’s not just mining rights. When they take public lands they get mineral rights, water rights, grazing rights, off-roading rights, fishing rights, hiking rights, logging rights, we lose all of this. It will be in a disguise of 2 paragraphs buried in a Bill as a Rider, that has nothing to do with the Bill it is attached to. Both sides of the House have already approved it. Yes, Democrats and Republicans. It is all a part of Population Stabilization, which is another word for UN Agenda 21. Very bad for all Americans. We are a small mining company trying to create jobs in California. There are immediate, high paying, long-term jobs that could be created if the government doesn’t take away our mining rights under the 1800’s mining law. We think we found how they are going to do it in this document - Department of the Interior Appropriations Bill. This document is the one they want you to find but it is not the truth and is bad enough as is.

Already penned from both sides of the house, Republicans as well as Democrats, agreed on 2 small paragraphs of law, which already has enough votes, taking our public lands out of the 1800’s mining law. OK you say who cares. Just think about what is mined. If you were not allowed to use anything that was mined for one day. You could not drive anywhere. You could not get medical help. You could not cook. You could not do anything nor get anything except going to a tree or plant and physically pull the food off and eat it. That is it. If it’s not mined it’s grown.

The government figured that around the 17th of January 2013, (Lame duck session time) that, “The stars should finally be aligned,” to sneak a law into a Bill that the public will never know about like they tried to do, in 2004 with only 2 paragraphs and of late, Obama Care. Obama Care is nothing to this. Anyways there are hidden committees under the government Czars committees that none of us voted for, of which they will sneak the new law in and take the public lands out of the 1800’s mining law, then turn it into leased land. Ok doesn’t sound to bad except they just took away our rights that America was built on and they are not going to lease it back because no American would trust the government to work the land as they could take it away anytime they want without cause. So the plan is to sell/lease the public lands to other governments that we owe or that deals have been struck to settle some of our debt. Contact every politician you know, to let them know, they better retract their votes on the Lame Duck session Bill January 2012-2013 Department of the Interior Appropriations Bill and start trying to help the United States citizen.

I would like to preface, I and we all would love renewable energy, but the D.R.E.C.P. is not that. Californian’s you need to kill The Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Program (D.R.E.C.P.). It is a lie to take the land back with a deal cut between California and the government. The government wants to make sure it gets the land one way or another, so the government has many programs to insure they get the land back. This is one of those lies. When you read this, read between the lines as any government and California document/Bill. Look at the collaborative group effort on the first page. Every government entity you CANNOT TRUST. The Renewable Energy action Team.

People this is real. We need to stop it immediately. Please let all your politicians from the ground up to Washington DC know that we know and are not going to take it. The Bureau of Land Management is fuming. Yes they lose their jobs because they won’t be managing our lands and this is illegal. The government Czars committees are going to form new management groups since it will not be considered public lands any more. The public will not be able to have any say at all. Currently, the government is focusing on other ways of seizing public lands like in Idaho, Montana, California and other states, under Eminent Domain, Endangered Spieces Act or other ways as hidden agenda Bills. In California mining areas, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has personnally told us face-to-face that we are being pulled out of the 1800’s mining law. The Government is focusing on heavy public land areas first. (West Coast) See the public-land acreage list. Most of the public lands are on the western part of the United States. Except it affects everyone.

This is real and going to happen if we do not ban together and let our politicians know, “We are not going to take it anymore!”
There are 2 petitions to sign because they are going to 2 different places.

1: Please sign this petition(s) to stop the illegal actions of repealing the 1800's Mining Law.

2: For Californian's please sign this petition to stop taking our public lands and create long term high paying mining jobs in California.

After you have signed these 2 petitions, please get your city officials involved with who teach the cities, counties or organizations to fight the government and win.

We are going to get screwed by our government again if we do not stop them. Call and email all the Senators, Congressmen/women, Supervisors, Governors at then let your Mayors, Council members, friends and relatives know they better fight now. We have less than 4 months before the Lame Duck sessions start. And vote against Population Stabilization. Another name for UN Agenda 21 and away to take our rights.