Green & Environmentally Friendly Production Mining Services
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Security For The Investor

  • Just click on the link below and put in your user name and password
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  • Did you know?

    Sleepy Bear Mining is the only mining company, that we know of, that has 24/7 cameras for the investor to see how their investment is growing? We wanted the worry taken out of the equasion. So, with nothing to hide this was an easy way of showing it. Anywhere in the world, you can check on your investment at any time.

    Just click on the link above and put in your user name and password


    Investment Program

    Call and talk to our attorney about this lucrative venture.

    Before you make any investments with us or with someone else, we would like to educate you on the mining industry. There are many mining companies that are publically traded and private of which you might never see a dime.

    Being investors, option traders, real estate investors, company owners, contractors, engineers and miners for many years, we have seen just about everything. Please, ask questions and learn. You will have more fun and less worry with your mining ownership investment.

    Our dream is for anyone that is part of the investment family, recieves more than they could have every imagined and faster than any of their other investments. Our philosophy is, "There is more than enough to go around". Also, we know and believe, that if you have done well with what you have been given you will be blessed even more.

    Most people now a days want to do some sort of good with their investment returns. We also feel, with that type of mentality, we will be blessed again.


    Environmentally Friendly Production Mining Investment

    All paperwork is in place for the approved investor. A full due diligence package, business plan, operational plan, certificates, licenses, mining permits, SMARA permits, gold receipts, you name it. Plus we invite any approved investor to feel free to come to the mine site located 2 and one half hours from Los Angeles or Orange county, CA. We can provide a gotomeeting webinar for anyone that is interested in this adventure.


    Clients support

    california gold mining investor
    Call Any Time 661.724.MINE
    If you do not get a live person, please leave a message and we will call you back withing 24 hours, except on weekends. We do not sit in an office all day. Sleepy Bear Mining is a real mining company and our office is in the field, not behind a desk. DO NOT TEXT
    E-Mail Us Any Time
    To Put in the Subject Line: Sleepy Bear Mining. You will get an answer back within 24 Hours except on weekends.

    Investor Services