Green & Environmentally Friendly Production Mining Services
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Our standards


Most people do not understand they have to have production mining know how (Not one man operation know how), money (Alot of it), the right property (Many variables) then a proven production team to make it all happen.
Next you must have the business background and the sense to see the vision, goals and exit stratagy and then to actually make it happen.


Why us?

gold blasting in california
We Produce From Nothing
We start from a blank canvas, (desert or mountains), and create a viable mining operation.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Our manufacturing teams range from aerospace engineers to the mom and pop manufacturing facilities. This manufacturing diversity allows us to give the best prices with the most engineering capabilities

A few words about us

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    We are a husband and wife team .....

    My Wife and I were lining up how we were going to retire and where trading in the stock markets when we started to see a trend in metals. We decided lets make the retirement outlook even stronger and get back into mining. Ms. Gentile has a degree in business and finance and I was mining professionally since age 19.

    State licensed mining contractor and engineer since 1987 to date and trained by the grandson of Max Schmeling and many other miners gave Mr. Martori generations of knowledge and expertise. Having over 33 production mines and projects under his belt, it made total sense to take over the industry again. Being one of only a few mining companies licensed in all phases of mining and milling, with 7 certifications, Martori Mining Enterprises receives many phone calls on proving or disproving mining and milling properties for investment groups throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.(Ask for Bio on Martori Mining Enterprises)

    The rest of the team has been together since 1980. All other members that join us are hand picked with a unanimous vote. There are Company Rules and Regulations that the new member must comply with, and it is an extensive list.

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    We are all about green and environmentally friendly mining and reclamation

    Turning a dream into money.

What we offer

You can find a hundred people and engineers that have done it all. What are they doing right now? You will find someone that knows everything about everything. Example; Someone says, "I have been mining all my life". When in reality he has been operating heavy equipment for a company in a pit and a) Knows nothing about the laws that pertain to mining. b) 14 plus agencies worth of laws to know. c) How to financially figure out the best way to go instead of just spending someones money just because its there. I could go on, but they will never understand until it was their money, and sometimes they still don't understand because they listened to an incompetent genious.
Usually we have a piece of the project, if it is not ours. If we are involved in a project it usually has a real chance to make it. Investing in many things through the years has brought us to a point in our lives to be cautious, smart, wiery and wise about everything we do.

Current Project

The Current placer project encompasses 415 acres. Hardly any of this would be mined in our lifetime. This project is considered a green and environmentaly friendly mining and reclamation project.

Down to 50 feet $1.274 billion dollars of in ground assets due to the ability to find black sands and scheelite. (These figures are at $1,200 per ounce of gold.)

100 plus million yards of material.

This placer property shows the most potential out of all mining properties in Southern California, because of its ability to be reclaimed so fast and mined in a green and environmentally friendly way. This project has had the blessings of EmeraldPlanet® (Not affiliated with Sleepy Bear Mining, LLC) who actually came out from Washington DC to see the project, the way it is mined and the speed of the reclamation process helping mother nature to replenish the area with botanicals and biologicals in an efficient, speedy and natural way. Mother Nature is truly our partner.